Dental hygiene for the whole family

Chapeau d'émail Sàrl protects your oral health with prophylactic care and personalised dental hygiene treatment.

Dental prophylaxis for children and adults

Comprehensive care and advice for perfect dental hygiene, with appointments specially suited for children.

Ultramodern dental hygiene practice

Hygienist Marie-Claude Beaudoin Ekstrand welcomes you to a perfectly equipped practice, where the atmosphere is one of complete relaxation.


Gentle prophylaxis for children  

Chapeau d'émail Sàrl - protect your teethThe first dental consultation is an important step for 2- to 3-year-old children.

By means of an interactive consultation, and accompanied by Mr Mirror, Bibi the aspirator and Gertrude the toothbrush, the dental hygienist has involved a dental coach of this kind over the years with pre-school and school-age children for:

  • accompanying children towards independent management of biofilm or dental plaque
  • performing non-surgical dental treatment (scaling and polishing) and prophylactic treatment (sealing of wells and fissures, fluoride application if necessary, and motivation and instruction)

    The source of dental problems often lies in the absence of prophylactic measures from a very early age.

A new approach in oral health for prospective parents

We are delighted to be able to introduce prophylaxis in the canton of Vaud to prospective parents. We take seriously prophylaxis of the oral health of a future child who will become an adult, so as to avoid dental cavities. We offer prophylactic consultations and clinical examinations for future parents in order to avoid the transmission of Streptococcus mutans and, subsequently, to reduce the risk of early cavities.


Prophylactic care for adults essentially involves checking for gingival bleeding and dental occlusion problems, as well as screening for periodontal disease or cancerous mucosal lesions.


Children: 90.00 CHF (depending on the treatment)
Adults: between 90.00 and 150.00 CHF (depending on the treatment)
Family packages

Standard dental hygienist rates based on the Association of Swiss Dental Hygienists.

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Practical information

Au Centre de Soi - 3ème étage Allée du Rionzi 1 1028 Préverenges
Reception at "au Centre de Soi", therapy and training centre: 021 802 06 00

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