Dental hygiene for the whole family

Chapeau d'émail Sàrl protects your oral health with prophylactic care and personalised dental hygiene treatment.

Dental prophylaxis for children and adults

Comprehensive care and advice for perfect dental hygiene, with appointments specially suited for children.

Ultramodern dental hygiene practice

Hygienist Marie-Claude Beaudoin Ekstrand welcomes you to a perfectly equipped practice, where the atmosphere is one of complete relaxation.

About us

Chapeau d'émail Sàrl: prophylaxis and dental hygiene for young and old

Chapeau d'email - Marie-Claude Beaudoin Ekstrand - Dental hygienistAfter many years' work as a dental hygienist in private practices and schools, Marie-Claude Beaudoin Ekstrand opened her own practice in 2016 in the multidisciplinary health centre au Centre de Soi, therapy and training centre in Préverenges.

Her hobbyhorse is alerting families as early as possible to prophylaxis and dental hygiene, especially children, so as to avoid sometimes painful and often costly dental procedures.

This task principally revolves around prophylaxis and dental coaching services, with a follow-up of the whole family.

Being fully aware that for numerous patients, a visit to a dental hygienist is not the easiest or most enjoyable prospect, Marie-Claude Beaudoin Ekstrand has turned her practice into a zen universe, which will quickly put you at your ease. 

Demonstrating her great skill with the young, she explains to them in simple terms the importance of dental hygiene care to maintain healthy teeth. She works with them in an educationally fun environment to remove any negative impressions the children may have from visits to the hygienist or dentist.

She is also very much appreciated by her teenage and adult patients for her gentle handling during treatment. She is always patient and ensures that you are fully relaxed.

Above and beyond prophylaxis, Marie-Claude Beaudoin Ekstrand provides personalised treatment for each of her patients. Gingival bleeding, staining of the teeth (black or yellow discoloured teeth), sensitive teeth, and dental hygiene during the wearing of braces… you will be able to address any matters concerning your oral health with her and discuss the best treatment available. If necessary, she will refer you to one of her dentist or orthodontist colleagues.

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Practical information

Au Centre de Soi - 3ème étage Allée du Rionzi 1 1028 Préverenges
Reception at "au Centre de Soi", therapy and training centre: 021 802 06 00

By appointment only.

Mon: 08am-12am,2pm-4pm
Tue: 08am-12am,2pm-4pm
Wed: 08am-12am,2pm-7pm
Thu: 08am-12am,2pm-6pm
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